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Hi, I’m Ashley!

I’ve always been a sort of “extreme” person. That’s probably what led me to wanting to leave the little small town in Arizona where I grew up to become an attorney. For a few years after law school I litigated cases, spending countless hours working on discovery, motions, and representing business clients in contested legal disputes. A few years ago I decided to transition to in-house law and now have a bit more work-life balance, which has allowed me to fully immerse my weekends, evenings, and vacation time with my true passion - outdoor adventures!

Any time I have off I spend my time traveling, hiking, and adventuring! I like to call myself a “weekend warrior”! The purpose of this blog is to provide inspiration, tips, and adventure ideas for anyone interested in exploring the outdoors, especially those who have a passion for exploring and adventure (but also still have full-time jobs!). I get a lot of people who message me and ask me if I’m still a lawyer, or how I have so much time to explore and travel, which inspired me to start this blog to share all my tips and tricks with getting the most out of your time off and the most out of life. I have always believed and continue to hold steadfast in my view that the outdoors and nature are our greatest resource and in nature, we can truly find peace.

I practice Leave No Trace (“LNT”) while in the outdoors, and through following my journey, I hope I can help you do the same! No matter where you are at in your outdoor journey, whether you’re a newbie hiker or an experienced adventurer looking for new trail or travel ideas, I hope I can provide a little bit of help along the way.

Take care and keep exploring,


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